The Panthers plan to repeat the division title with the help of division foes?

When the Carolina Panthers picked up Chase Blackburn last season his role was never thought to be more than an insurance policy with senior benefits. He was a huge part of a Giants team that had story book like ending after an improbable regular season. His experience, great character and ability to lead were thought to be the attributes that enticed the Panthers to acquire him. Apparently Rivera and Company had bigger plans for the Giants vet when his role expanded tremendously against the very team he fought in the practice trenches with, week in and week out. Now I’m not making the presumption that the Panthers are operating a “Spygate” like scandal, NFC South Version, but I can’t help but notice the impact of having a player familiar with an opposing offense and cashing in with a win as big as the one against the Giants. The game ended with the proverbial sign of total defensive dominance: “A Shutout”.  The Giants seem to have no answer to a defense that seamlessly dissected their offense and wreaked havoc on their All-Pro QB. Almost as if they knew his every move, before even he knew his every move. Fast forward to present day. With newly acquired former Falcons safety Thomas Decoud and recent signing of former New Orleans Saint Roman Harper, it’s only a wonder if ‘Fat Cat’ and the gang are trying to rekindle some the magic produced with Blackburn a season ago. Both, Decoud and Harper, are seasoned vets from defenses that grew accustomed to seeing the offensive strengths and weaknesses of their former teams. They possess secrets, much like Blackburn, not any amount of film can ever expose. Because unlike film, they have the human ability to teach the necessary adjustments that should be made to impede comfort in the pocket and in the trenches against their former camps. Unlike anyone else, I didn’t see the new moves as discounted talent that wouldn’t negatively affect their sleeper hold tight cap figure. To me this looked more like a systematic approach to strategically acquire advantageous commodities from blind adversaries (In other words: These guys were picked for a very specific reason). If you look at it, the two teams seem to have been specifically chosen as well. With the Bucs essentially in the rebuilding stages under new coach Lovie Smith, there are only two teams left that pose a real threat to Carolina’s repeat of winning the division title caps. So is this strategy or nah? Tell me what you think. Please keep in mind these are just my thoughts. This is not a Conspiracy Theory.


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